Kaseka Daley Tourism Grant

Background Information:

Kaseka Daley, founder and owner of Iconic Travel and Events since April 2012 holds a Bachelors of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management from the University of Technology, Jamaica as well as an Associate Degree in Architecture and Construction Technology from Portmore Community College and is currently pursuing a Bachelors in Civil Engineering.  Her main passion still being TOURISM!!

Prior to opening Iconic Ms Daley worked two years directly in the hotel industry. She started her journey at Hilton Rosehall in Montego Bay as a resevation agent. Aferwhich she initiated the reservations department in one of the islands best chains of hotel; Jewel resorts. It is against this reservations background that Ms. Daley has establishd the principles of Iconic; to provide the best rates through efficiency and sustained Iconic levels of customer service.

Birth from a humble beginnings in Clarendon she attended the Glenmuir High School. It was at this esteemed institution that she recently announced that Iconic Travel had adopted the Glenmuir High Tourism Club to which she will give back thus enabling these students to become stalwarts in improving the tourism sector of Jamaica 

Ms Daley is always looking for avenues to give back as such the grant initiative which is geared at developing young tourism enthusiasts in the Parish of Clarendon is aligned with her core belief that each one can help.

The kaseka Daley Tourism Grant is geared at developing young tourism enthusiasts in the Parish of Clarendon. 
The aim of the grant is;
•To support students who have met the academic criteria and are in need of financial support to continue excelling. 
•To create an awareness of the different components of tourism within the Parish of Clarendon among students.
•To help the recipients develop an understanding of the importance of charity through our 'Pay it forward' initiative.
Total Grant: Ja $100,000
Number of recipients: 2
Total per person: Ja $50, 000
Pay it forward initiative: 
Each recipient will receive a total of Ja $ 50,000. Recipients will be required to donate Ja $10,000 of amount received to either of the following; 
•Another student facing financial difficulties
•An existing charity 
•An approved charity project of their own. 
•Must have a minimum average of 70%
•Must be a part of and an active participant in their school's tourism club for atleast 1 year.
•Must be able to  represent as a student ambassador for tourism within the parish. 

Section A – Contact Information


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Section B- School Information

Name of School:


Extra- Curricular Activities:

Name of Tourism club:

Date of Enrolment in club:

Current Position in Club:

Are you currently a recipient of any scholarship, bursary or grant?:

State in 500 words or less why you should be a grant recipient:

State in 300 words or less your ‘Pay it forward initiative’ and why:

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